Winter Illuminations

It has been a bright, blue sky day today. At 2pm we set off with the dog for a walk across local fields and through some woods. The sun was low making driving painful at times. This low winter sun transformed the trees and landscapes making marvellous shadows and colours against the bare branches and skeletons of last summers flowers.

Shadows and light drew attention to the structures in the woods and the shape of skylines and fields.

This walk follows the edge of a very large undulating field that has large stones scattered all through it . At the top of the hill a woodland follows the ridge. In the spring this wood is full of bluebells, today the floor was carpeted in oak leaves and muntjac deer were trotting through.

There is a large pond in the centre of the wood that was very full and illuminated with winter light making it mystical .

The light adds interest to even collapsed sedges creating a picture .

Moss glowed emerald green against the browns and greys of the wood especially when caught in the sun.

Teasles looked colourful as we walked back through the field as the sun dropped lower and the sky became a beautiful colour.

A lovely walk on an amazing Winter day .

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