Hurrah for Hellebores

The weather has been so dreadful , we have been lucky compared to lots of people just some fence damage and a very wet garden ( under water in parts)

To brighten up this miserable weather the hellebores are flowering and they are beautiful.

There are two native hellebores in the U.K. they are stinking hellebore and green hellebore.

There are lots of wonderful varieties for the garden , we have some lovely ones in ours . I’m looking out for a yellow one to add to the ones we have.

Other signs of spring poking out of the bad weather are increasing. In the garden there are bulbs flowering, buds bursting and leaves unfolding.

Snowdrops grow wild in the U.K. and naturalise and spread . These are the first I have successfully grown in the garden .

Magnolia buds, furry and swelling. This is a magnolia Stellata, which has small white flowers .

There is a sweet scent of primulas promising spring’s arrival.

Colour and fresh greens are cheering us up.

This is an exciting time of year as plants and insects start to grow and increase in numbers. A huge bumble bee was exploring the flowers yesterday . Frogs and toads are spawning . Change is afoot !

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