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This has been an exciting year with lots of developments, the blog has continued to grow and has gained followers and views in a large number of countries across the world and in Britain. I have published three newsletters that are full of wildlife news and finds and thee have reached 500 people plus and the list is growing. A magazine called EXPLORATIONS has been published and is available in Northamptonshire at a shop called Magazine Heaven in Rushden and is also available to buy via Paypal for £5.20 which includes the postage and packaging. Issue two is in the pipeline and will be available from December 5th. This is an exciting project connecting people interested in natural history and hopefully engaging new people with the wonderful natural world.

I am passionate about the natural world and natural history and always have been .This blog started as a virtual nature table with finds from walks and expeditions , some of them very local and others further afield. This has grown into a record of explorations and discoveries  .To contact naturetableexplorer with your finds and ideas please email on naturetableexplorer@yahoo.com

I am based in Northamptonshire and regularly walk at Rushden and Stanwick lakes and in the county. I regularly travel to the Forest of Dean, the Cotswolds and Sussex ,I hope to include finds wherever I find myself.

If you would. like to become part of Issue three of Explorations email your ideas, photos etc to me at the address above or just send an email about areas that you are interested in and would like to see included in the blog and the magazine. I want to develop a real network of people exploring more and discovering about wildlife and natural history.

If you would like to added to the mailing list for the newsletters please send your address to naturetableexplorer@yahoo.com

My Nanny and Grandad are the reason for this blog and project, their wonderful Sunday afternoons when I was young, teaching without knowing it, and giving me a love and enthusiasm for all the natural world. Thanks !