I am passionate about the natural world and natural history and always have been .This blog started as a virtual nature table with finds from walks and expeditions , some of them very local and others further afield. This has grown into a record of explorations and discoveries  .

I am based in Northamptonshire and regularly walk at Rushden and Stanwick lakes and in the county. I regularly travel to the Forest of Dean, the Cotswolds and Sussex ,I hope to include finds wherever I find myself.This has developed into developing and writing newsletters one and two, (Winter and Spring). This has developed other and a magazine called E X P L O R A T I O N S is coming out in July linking together people through natural history and exploring.
My Nanny and Grandad are the reason for this blog their wonderful Sunday afternoons when I was young teaching without knowing it, and giving me a love and enthusiasm for all the natural world. Thanks !