Fossil Hunting in Norfolk

A day of fossil hunting, on the look out for mammoth teeth and deer antlers as well as Sea urchins and other treasures. Alas we did not find these but had a fantastic time exploring West Runton and East Runton.

We did find some fossils, belemnites , shells and sponges along with some fantastic ‘lucky stones’! The flints on the beaches are wonderful and in the rock pools home to winkles and limpets.

At West Runton we swam in the sea which was clear , our only company were the young gulls and the cormorants sitting in a stone bank.

The cliffs are very soft and in East Runton the chalk can be seen but unfortunately no mammoth teeth.

Cromer is just up the coast with it’s Victorian pier which can be seen stretching out into the sea. There are rows of wind turbines far out to sea. Huge container ships were travelling in front of the white sails of the turbines.

Cromer is famous for its crab, we discovered lots of hermit crabs in the rock pools and plenty of crab evidence along the beach.A brilliant day exploring more !

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