August Garden show

I have been planning and thinking hard this year to plant more flowers and plants for insects especially bees and butterflies and moths. My garden has always been full of flowers but has been very green in August with its floral peak being June.

I am really pleased that at the end of August the colour and flowers along with the insects and wildlife are really going for it !

Here is a guided tour of flowery delight on offer to the wildlife !

Sweet peas, this year a huge success I am collecting the seed for next year. The scent is fantastic.

Nicotiana of all types the huge white ones smell divine. Aphids love them !!

The tall verbena and amazing hollyhocks are smothered in bees, bumble and honey

It’s good to have flowers with different shapes and structures to attract a wide range of visitors and pollinators.

Exotic cannas at the top and cottage garden favourites such as roses and foxgloves grow side by side and offer plenty of choice.

In the centre of the garden we have a large olive tree which attracts lots of 🐝 on the small flowers ,pollination complete . This year we have olives galore !!

I am planning next years plants and flowers with wildlife ( and beauty ) in mind hopefully collecting lots of seed and growing them ourselves.

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