Cormorants in the sun

A trip to Rutland Water today to the birdwatching centre was very warm but full of wonderful birds

We have recently bought a spotter scope and today have bought an attachment to mount the phone on the eyepiece to take photos.

This was an experimental outing to test out the kit. It was great fun as it is possible to see so much more.

The cormorants were fantastic.In the lagoon they were sat on of every available post and branch. I loved this tree decorated in cormorants.

This was in the centre of the lagoon and the birds were constantly flying in and out of the branches.

Standing on top of two posts these two cormorants seemed to be counting cygnets as they swam by.

It was so hot that the cormorants on the sand bar were flapping their throats with beaks open to cool down . I used the scope to video this and love it .

There were Great white egrets along the far banks of the lagoon which were wonderful to watch fishing and plenty of ducks,coots and geese. The Ospreys can be seen at this location but we didn’t see any today.

I’m really excited at the fantastic new wildlife we can spot and record now. Watch this space !


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