Amazing fish

We walked past some fishermen on the lake quietly going about their fishing and thought nothing of it. On returning from our walk I was totally amazed by the incredible fish, a carp that they had caught.

The fish was beautiful gorgeous scales , they were keeping it alive and taking real pleasure from seeing this amazing creature from the lake.

It weighed 23 pounds ! I was amazed by this they had caught one from the large lake that weighed 40 pounds. Last night amazed by this wonderful specimen I looked up the heaviest carp caught in the U.K. it was a staggering 67 pounds and 8 oz.

I love the fact that these brilliant creatures are in our lakes and waterways , recently while looking down into the big lake at Rushden from the boardwalk we saw an enormous Pike!

Interestingly the fishermen said that otters that are found at these lake would take a carp as large as the one I saw.

It was a lovely surprise to see this fish and to meet the two passionate and interesting fishermen who were really knowledgable and keen to share information and who seemed genuinely chuffed that some other people also liked their fish .

The fish went back In the lake happy and ready to get bigger … and bigger !!

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