Saw another sawfly

I have noticed this insect in a few places over the last week got a good photo today. What the photo doesn’t show is the really bright yellow abdomen bright like a jelly bean.

This is the Large Rose Sawfly (Arge pagana)

Sawflies are part of the insect order call Hymenoptera which also contains bees wasps and ants.

In Britain there are 107 genera and 500 species of sawfly … amazing .

Sawflies are different from bees and wasps and ants because they do not have a waist shaped abdomen. They also have distinctive wing Venation.

The name Sawfly comes from the fact that most females have saw – like genitalia they use to cut plant tissue to lay their eggs.

All sawflies are harmless and can’t sting .

I’m on the look out for more Sawflies !

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