Fir cones and foxgloves

In the Forest if Dean in an area called Wigpool.

The fir cones were great littering the ground like confetti . Walking through mixed woods . The coniferous areas were carpeted in the softest moss rather like a posh carpet at the end of this corridor in the clearings were fantastic foxgloves.

Interestingly there are only three native conifers to Britain , Scots pine, yew and juniper the rest are either grown in plantations or as specimen trees in parks and gardens.

The long cones above are Norway Spruce some having been nibbled by squirrels.

The other two cones are a mixture of Scots pine and lodge pole pine.

Moss carpet through the woods was very springy. It was surprisingly dry.

The Victorian language of flowers lists foxgloves as meaning insincerity and moss as maternal love. This book of meanings makes very interesting reading !

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