Nature Table number Four Amazing Aust

As you drive from Chepstow over the Severn Bridge you will see very distinctive red cliffs with a white band at the top. These are the Aust cliffs.

This is the best site in Britain to collect Triassic fossils such as bones and teeth of reptiles along with other finds. These Triassic fossils are found in the top bed the ‘bone bed’ to find the fossils you need to search the beach.

An evening expedition with nature table explorers yesterday was full of great finds and even a bone fragment in the bone bed! Very exciting.

The team of explorers after some great finds.

The nature table in a new site while staying at the Forest of Dean . Lots of interesting finds.

The distinctive cliffs no fossils are found in the red and green layers.

The bone bed with a bone fragment Triassic .

The bivalves in the first picture are still attached in their pairs in a layer of tiny shells.

Above is a perfect cockle like bivalve.

These strange structures and shapes are pseudomorphs caused by evaporating salt in hot conditions as lakes dried up .

The spectacular bridge lots of cars but surprisingly quiet on the beach more of a clunk as the cars and surface met.

A trip to Aust is fantastic ,great fossils , amazing views look left, the old Severn bridge look right, the New crossing, ahead of you is Wales to your back is England. Definitely worth an explore and many return visits .

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