Garden Gravel Safari

It is hot ! I’m sitting in the shade in the garden while the sparrows have their mad hour !

Lying in the cool I’m at eye level with the gravel, this is relatively new I put it down at about Easter time. It is local Northamptonshire gravel, quite pale , attractive but also interesting. It is definitely worth a second look. There are plenty of fossils and things of interest in the gravel.

A two minute safari has found :-

Four Devils toenails ( Gryphea arcuata)

Three belemnites


Iron ore from Northamptonshire iron stone

All together rather a nice collection.

Rushden lakes and the lakes along the Nene valley were worked for gravel.over time they now provide an incredible habitat for wildlife and especially migrating birds and the lakes have a sssi status because of this.

A view of the lakes earlier in the year .

Goes to show,if you look carefully there is always something interesting to see – keep exploring.

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