Children’s games

Every time you walk by a verge or a hedge at this time of year you can’t help but to run into ‘GrannyGranny pop out of bed’

The white bell shaped flowers we know as bindweed are actually two species if you look carefully.

The first is Hedge bindweed (Calystegia septum) this is the largest of the two and has heart shaped leaves. It’s white trumpets can be seen on verges and hedgerows strongly climbing through the other plants.

The second has smaller trumpets which are white and sometimes pinkish these are field bindweed(Convolulus arvensis)

Gardeners hate these plants as they are invasive (successful) it is strange that gardeners love the blue trumpeted morning glory . Bindweed is just too easy to grow!!

Children love to say the rhyme granny granny pop out of bed then squeeze the flower and watch the trumpet fly.

This is the Hedge Bindweed

Another favourite game is sticky burrs , these wonderful flower-heads with Velcro like hooks are thrown secretly to cover someones back or unfortunately land in your hair! They definitely live up to their name. Dogs are also very apt at collecting these on their costs.

The plant is Burdock , again there are two greater and lesser .

Greater Burdock (Arctium lappa)

Lesser Burdock (Actium minus) – love this self explanatory name !

This is the Greater Burdock- grows to130 cm very robust.

In the wild flower guide it says it is rare in Wales and absent from Scotland .. I thought this was an interesting and unexpected fact. No Burdock throwing North of the border !!

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