Riverside Flowers

At Lydbrook in the Forest of Dean the river is fantastic to watch . It has shallows and islands and fast running channels ( where the canoes like to go )

Along the bank of the river the wild flowers are brilliant at the moment.

Purple Loosestrife ( Lythrium salicaria)

Hemp Agrimony ( Eupatorium cannabinum)

Marsh woundwort (Stacey’s palustris)

And the wonderfully named sneezewort.

Sneezewort (Achilles ptarmica)

This plant is known by a series of names , sneezewort,sneezeweed,European pellitory, fair maid of France or white tansy.

Bunches of sneezewort were carried by bridesmaids at West Country weddings they were thought to ensure a happy life for the bride and groom.

The roots have been dried and ground up as sneezing powder.

The plants are known to be poisonous to cattle and horses.

A rather plain plant with some great stories around it.

The whole riverbank was full of flowers and bees and other insects , the river Wye was literally teeming with tiny fish and others larger ones chasing these tiny ones making them jump out of the water. Absolutely brilliant!

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