Lyveden New Bield ,an Oasis.

In the middle of rural Northamptonshire amongst fields of wheat turned golden and mellow stands an incredible Elizabethan building , never completed.

Lyveden New Bield was to be a pleasure garden and place of secret worship for Thomas Tresham who was a devout catholic. The house was started in 1595 and on his death in 1605 was never to be completed.

The grounds are wonderful,an oasis amid the fields . There are a series of man made mounds with trees , moats and canals full of plants and ducks and coots. A Heron swooped in front of us a Red kite fell almost to our feet to feed.

The stone is covered in lichens and also graffiti from 1745 .

Robins pin cushion galls we’re decorating the roses.

This is a magical place,an oasis for plants and animals built 400 years ago.

These mounds gave brilliant views of the surrounding countryside and the moats.

Mare’s tail

Robins pin cushion plant gall on roses.

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