Summer Fruits at the Lake

I decided to have a stroll around the lake today expecting the numbers of dragonflies and damsels to have dropped. To my surprise there were a large number of the blue damselflies hovering around as well as the ruddy and common darter dragonflies.

When we walk along a path through the woods or fields we tend to look directly in front of us and downwards. I tried something new this afternoon and looked right up above me and was rewarded with a freeway system of dragonflies really high up at tree level. I am definitely going to stop and look up more.

A list of other insects and invertebrates on the stroll round ; there were meadow browns, speckled woods, red admirals , small white butterflies as well as hoverflies, wasps, bees, snails 🐌 and slugs.

The main features of the walk today were the fruits of summer. Rose hips, blackberries and Elderberries.

On a recent walk in Drybrook at the field near my Mum and Dad’s house the harvest was amazing:- Damsons, sloes, Elderberries, Hazel nuts and blackberries as well as some crab apples.

My Dad checking out when the Damsons will be ready.

When they are they will make some damson cheese and plenty of crumbles !!

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