Grasshopper or Cricket?

I have been on the lookout for grasshoppers all summer . They are masters of disguise, quick and a tease ( making plenty of noise, but being invisible)

I spied this grasshopper in a patch of dry grass it was small . It is a Field grasshopper

What is the difference between grasshoppers and crickets ?

  • Grasshoppers have short antennae.
  • Crickets have long antennae.
  • Grasshoppers stridulate (sing) by rubbing their back legs together.
  • Crickets stridulate(sing) by rubbing their wings together.
  • Grasshoppers have ‘ears’ on their abdomen.
  • Crickets have ‘ears’ on their front legs.
  • Grasshoppers are out in the day.
  • Crickets are crepuscular ( they come out at dusk)
  • Grasshoppers eat plants and grasses.
  • Crickets also eat animal matter.

They both belong to the order Orthoptera.

When walking the same day on the heath in Ashdown forest I spotted a second even smaller grasshopper that was very green . The photo is not very clear but I was really pleased to see two in one day.

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