Change is coming

There is definitely a change to the day , it’s cooler and jumpers are back out of the drawer. There’s a rustling of the leaves as the wind returns and the leaves are crisping up and preparing to change.

This morning a jumper clad walk was sunny but fresh and full of different autumnal colours beginning to develop.

There are seeds and fruits displayed at each level from hawkbits , teasels, sloes and elderberries. Once I started to focus on them the variety was amazing.

This seems to be an amazing year for hawthorn berries the hedges are red from a distance.

What a blackberry season 2018 has been it early and in some places there are still large numbers but on the popular routes they have been constantly picked as above.

I remember when out for a walk when I was really young with my grandparents eating a sloe against their advice and regretting it immediately as it sucked all the moisture from my mouth! Better to use these for sloe gin.

The rose hips are also in aplenty some huge . Another memory is rosehip syrup on a spoon. Very high in vitamin C, and very tasty !

These bedraggled rather dull seeds are shadows of their former spring glory but brilliant shapes and will still be standing in the frosts looking brilliant.

There was some colour and flowers on this autumn stroll but rather like my garden not so much !

Looking forward to watching Autumn sweep through and the beauty it promises.

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