Glasshouse Wonders.

Cambridge Botanic Garden has some brilliant glasshouses that allow you to stroll through different parts of the world and experience the flora.

There are beautiful flowers , wonderful leaves as well as peculiar and weird structures to find.

Here is a short tour of some fantastic specimens today.

A pitcher plant , destined to trap insects in order to digest their bodies for nutrients.

Tiny beautiful flowers in the very centre of this bromeliad in a pool of water. All it was missing was a tiny frog to live there.

Leaf scars up the stem of a palm .

Gorgeous heavily scented flowers with amazing stamens , unusual petals.

Scarlet Passion flowers.

Star fruit, they look amazing , they are disappointing to eat ,rather bland .

I loved this amazingly long stigma on this flower almost like a trunk!

A trip to the glasshouses is full of discoveries. There is a cacti house an alpine house. Oceanic Island, tropical, temperate house and more.

It’s £6 for adults and definitely a great place to explore.

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