Wandering Weevil

This wandering weevil caught my eye as it investigated the hydrangea flowers at Batsford.

This is an Acorn Weevil (Curculio glandium) The amazing elongated snout is called a rostrum, it is longer in female weevils.

They live in oak trees. The female uses the rostrum to bore a hole into an acorn and then lays an egg into it. The larva grows and feeds on the acorn and eventually bores out.

The Larvae can live through the winter, they are freeze avoidant, preventing their internal fluids from freezing during the winter.

Weevils are a type of beetle, they are usually small and herbivorous.There are approx 97,000 species!

Enjoy the short piece of video of the flower wandering Acorn Weevil , it was quite breezy but it managed to hold on .

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