Flying and Feeding

A little tatty around the edges but still flying and feeding in the Autumn sunshine the brightly coloured Red Admiral.

I love the Latin name Vanessa atlanta sounds like a vintage film star !

They are found across the UK and across all habitats. They migrate to Britain in the spring from North Africa and Central Europe. These migrants lay eggs that hatch in July .

They continue flying even into October looking for nectar from flowers such as Buddleia, flowering ivy and even rotting fruit.

The numbers of Red Admirals has increased over recent years , in the south of England some are overwintering,

The caterpillars feed on nettles, small nettle, pellitory of the wall and hop.

To attract butterflies into the garden plant areas of nectar rich plants, climbing ivy and shrubs.

This website from wildlife trusts has more info about planting :-

The short little film at the garden centre shows the butterfly feeding with vigour.

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