Cigar tree

I love these Indian bean trees, they have different common names, cigar tree, the Indian cigar tree,Catawba.

This tree is Catalpa speciosa, native to USA

This is known as the Northern Catalpa , the species Catalpa bignonioides is known as then Southern catalpa.

This tree is often planted in parks and gardens as an ornamental due to its attractive bell like flowers. The long beans can stay hanging on the tree through the winter.

A moth lays its eggs on the tree and large numbers of caterpillars can often be found in these trees in America, they are known commonly as Catawba worms and fishermen use them as live bait. Really dedicated anglers plant catalpa mini-orchards for their own private source of “catawba-worms”, particularly in the southern states of America.

Keep an eye out for these interesting trees , there are two on the corner of Beckett’s park in Northampton , they definitely brighten up the wait at the junction during the rush hour.

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