Misty morning snails

Autumn is the season of mists and this morning was a perfect example of damp moisture laden air. The conditions were perfect for snails . They were active, moving, eating and contorting themselves on the Hemlock stems to reach the seeds which they were eating.

This tiny snail seemed to almost reach and stretch out of its shell in search of a tasty snack. The video is lovely to watch,turn the sound down and you will enjoy it without passer-by footsteps.

The number of snails on trees and plant stems was really large, unusually they were nearly all active. Interestingly there were a huge number on the Hemlock plants of all sizes some really tiny almost specks.

This snail was so small it’s shell was transparent and fragile.

The snails below were all congregated on this broken stem , maybe going to eat the end part.

The short video below is of a snail eating if you look really carefully you can see the movement of its rasping tongue the radula.

I love seeing the range of snails at Rushden lakes , today the behaviours were great to watch. Some of them were strangely contorted hanging on the plants.

A great walk in the damp misty morning , fantastic snails 🐌

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