Happy Cows

Cattle are used around the meadows at Rushden lakes as part of the conservation plan . They are very beautiful and calm and often can be found at the lake edge enjoying a snack.

These creamy cattle have lovely faces, and especially good eyelashes !

This was another sunny day walk and the birds were great : red kites, swans,Canada geese, coots, moorhens, great crested grebe, ducks of all sorts, robins, wrens,rooks and lots more. I am planning on spending time trying to photograph birds well but here are some snaps from another super day.

This robin was with another , there were two in the garden yesterday as well, I wonder if they are young males still together not quite mature.

Canada geese, I have noticed that the Canada geese have been gathering in the parks and grassy areas in Northampton over the last two weeks in really large numbers.

A terrible picture of a great created geese as it turned away from me , they are always just too far out to get a great photo.

Lastly there is still

A little flower colour left but not much , here is a patch of mauve to brighten up the day.

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