Fabulous Frampton

Today I ventured into the panoramic fens, the sky wrapped around as the car cut through the flat patchwork of cabbages, broccoli and sprouts.

I love the feeling of space that this landscape, shaped by man since the Romans brings.

The fens cover one million acres , they have been modified and drained over hundreds of years and are criss crossed with rivers and man made channels. They provide crops of all sorts , vegetables,salads even flowers . Today I followed a tractor full of cabbages, passed crates stacked high with pumpkins and loved the fields of curly broccoli.

This flat watery land butts up to the Wash, the longest estuary system in the UK , 20 KM wide and 30 KM long. The habitats this provides attracts 300,000 visiting birds in the winter, waders and wildfowl.

I visited the RSPB reserve at Frampton Marsh about 3 miles from Boston.

This is definitely a place to come back to when I have more time to explore. It is in a fantastic position , one path led straight to a long ridge that looked across the wash and the salt marshes. I hope to come back really soon to follow this track.

The reserve is a series of large open water areas and ditches and reed beds that attract many birds. There is also a wet meadow area with more summer interest.

There were large numbers of birds , widgeon and Brent geese in high numbers. I was hoping to take some photos from the hides( there are three or four along the loop) unfortunately my camera was completely out of charge so had to rely on the phone.

The clouds and reeds were very beautiful and there were a surprisingly large number of flowers still blooming and even a sun bathing dragonfly.

The sun was bright today but the chill wind was brisk and the clouds dramatically changed across the pools.

Flowers in late October

Two short videos the first of waddling and then swimming geese, the second to show the sounds of the birds in the wild space.

I am really looking forward to visiting again in he next couple of weeks with my camera fully charged ! A lovely wild walk .

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