Ashdown Forest gold

New Years eve walk in Ashdown Forest today was a little chilly and muddy underfoot but full of golden gorse flowers.

A funny story about these beautiful blooms… when I was about maybe five or six and out for a Sunday afternoon walk with my grandparents I clearly remember being full of wonder for them, So much so I wanted to pick them to take home ….for the nature table !

Grandad said time and again, that’s not a good idea they are prickly. Ignoring this advice I grabbed a big branch to take home…. as you can imagine it did not end well .. they did not make it to the nature table and I listened more carefully to Grandad in future. These Sunday walks were a highlight of every week and were full of discoveries and fun. Nanny and Grandad knew about the plants and animals and always had a brilliant story , a paper bag for collecting and a piece of chewing gum or acid drop to keep you going until tea. Those were the days !!

The views across the heath and open forest are great even on a dull day.

Once again the lichens and mosses brighten up the walk along with the gorse.

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