Muntjac Encounter

Wandering through a wood after climbing a style ( not very elegantly) a small movement caught my eye. It was a tiny muntjac deer not much bigger than a hare.

We watched this deer for quite some time as it foraged through the undergrowth.

It was very difficult to get a good photo we were just too far away.

Muntjac deer were brought from China to Woburn Park in Bedfordshire in the early 20th century . They are now widespread, patchy north of the Humber.

Muntjac deer do not cause damage to agricultural and timber crops. They are found in woodlands and scrub land. I once saw one walk across the road in town from behind Asda and they have visited neighbours gardens.

They do not have a defined breeding season, they breed all year round. They are usually solitary animals or found in pairs . Bucks defend small territories against other bucks. Their lifespan is up to 16 years for bucks and 19 years for does.

They are known as barking deer, an alarmed deer may scream , the maternal does and kids squeak.

Also on this walk we encountered some very characterful sheep!

The trees and plants still interesting at this cold part of the year.

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