Eyes in the Sky ( actually in the trees)

A brisk walk with Henry on a cool day became focussed on the bare branches of the trees . At this time of year it is great to see the branching patterns and shapes of the trees as well as the other stories that they tell.

Birds nests from the past year are exposed, some of them carefully constructed or like this twig platform seem almost unfit for purpose.

Each year in the garden we have wood pigeons and collared doves nesting and their nests are just like this , each year they raise large chicks so it must be all they need !

Squirrel dreys are also on show and there are plenty of active squirrels, a few days ago while out walking one Olympic skilled squirrel literally leapt a huge gap to move between trees, very impressive.

Other features of trees are apparent at the moment in this leafless month, signs of infection or fungal damage. This tree has cankerous growths giving it the appearance of swollen arthritic joints.

Some colour is appearing, hazel catkins are out in dense clusters. Long yellow tails brightening up January.

As I walked back to the car I walked through a beautiful smell, mahonia , lovely bright flowers and a heavenly scent.

January not to dull today, just need to be out looking.

2 thoughts on “Eyes in the Sky ( actually in the trees)

  1. I will definitely look at trees differently now. I must agree the catkins everywhere certainly brighten everything up,with a promise that it won’t be !out before Spring arrives.

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