Cold circuit

They have been promising snow for at least a week, none has arrived as yet. It has been chilly and icy . Yesterday an icy circuit of the lake was full of interest.

The teasels looked crystalline and sugar dusted. The day was cold the sky was very blue and it was very bright.

Along the wooded side of the lake I was accompanied by great tits flitting from branch to branch and a small flock of long tail tits.

These birds were busy finding food and singing the whole time.

These lovely long tailed tits flew along the path with me in a small flock , in and out if branches singing and feeding .

The ice turns lasts years growth into refurbished beauties.

Stinging nettles with an icy makeover.

Brambles and grasses.

Further round the walk onto the next large lake I caught a cormorant drying its wings in the corner of my eye quite close to the path. I quietly moved to catch a photo. Really pleased I didn’t noticed the heron literally by me that flew off with a chorus of duck quacking alarms and perched in a tree.

The cormorant was great , here’s a photo and then two videos the heron flies off and then- ‘how to dry your wings.’

The other things of interest on this walk were the puddles, frozen pieces of abstract art.

A chilly but eventful stroll.

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