An Oxford Treasure Trove

The Oxford university museum of natural history is an amazing treasure trove. It was opened in 1860 and is packed full of wonders.

The building itself is incredible , wrought iron and glass, a thing of beauty displaying incredible specimens.

Highlights in the collections include the world’s first scientifically described dinosaur – Megalosaurus bucklandii  and the world-famous Oxford Dodo, the only soft tissue remains of the extinct dodo.

Today there is also a fascinating exhibition about bacteria. The sculpture hanging in the museum is actually an inflatable and really captures the imagination. It is an enormous E. coli.

Highlights of today’s visit were the shoebill a bird that looks thoughtful !

The bee hive upstairs , the bees were moving about , on a summers day they are fantastic coming in and out and constantly busy. The hive is upstairs with access out for the bees across the roof.

A great feature of the museum is the areas of specimens to touch and get up close to. Nature table explorer Tim finally had an otter encounter.

We stroked a black bear , stared into the eyes of a Nile crocodile and were astounded by a Gliding lizard.

I love to keep coming back to this treasure trove there is so much to see and learn.

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