Holkham Beach Hike

On advice from friends I ventured to Norfolk today and explored a wonderful beach at Holkham.

This beach is on the north Norfolk coast not far fromWells-Next-To-Sea. The beach is part of a National nature reserve. This reserve covers 9158 acres and is made up of some rare habitats:- salt marsh,sand dunes,pine woodland and grazing marshes.

The beach is enormous and today was very windy , the sand from the dunes was racing across the damp sand and was at times quite painful !

Looking back the dunes and pine woods look fantastic.

Areas of the sand are carpeted in shells whole and broken . There are large numbers of razor shells.

The Sand dunes are covered in flowers later in the year , I will definitely be visiting again.

Nature table explorer Henry was enjoying the beach and all its habitats today.

Tomorrow I am putting together nature table number one for 2019 , it will be full of fantastic finds from Holkham Beach !

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