Bullfinch matinee

It was gorgeous weather today ,I went for a lovely walk this afternoon with no coat. It felt like Spring, the birds were positively noisy!!

My phone had died which is typical because I saw a pair of wonderful bullfinches busy eating buds, apparently they prefer flower buds to leaf buds as they are more nutritious.

Sorry there are no photos , here are some pictures. I’m going back tomorrow with proper camera hopefully the pair will be performing in the treetops again.

The Male is very striking with the bright pink breast but I rather liked the black capped female.

Reading about Bullfinches I have found out that they have an interesting adaptation. To collect and store food for their chicks they have a food sac , they are the only finch to have this.

The number of Bullfinches is 36% lower than in 1967 the numbers took a steep decline between 1977-1982 due to farming practises. The numbers have taken an upturn but are still down.

Facts and figures for the Bullfinch:

Length: 16cm 
Wingspan: 26cm 
Weight: 21g 
Average lifespan: 2 years

Interesting fact

Bullfinches were once considered a serious pest in orchards, so much so that in the 16th century, Henry VIII condemned their ‘criminal attacks’ on fruit trees, and an Act of Parliament declared that one penny would be paid for every bird killed.

This pair of Bullfinches were so busy eating that I was able to stand very close and watch them for ages which was really lovely.

This walk with no camera continued to deliver great sights. A little Egret sitting in a tree with two herons sitting in the tree behind …. no camera !!

On a garden note , for the first time ever we have snowdrops flowering in our garden , although there is only one flower at the moment it made my day ( along with the Bullfinches )

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