Finding Fish- The experts

A walk at the lake , still no fish to be seen . The expert fishers were happily finding plenty of them.

Cormorants were almost sliding into the water , diving down to find the fish.

The Heron sitting high on the trees was flying off, catching a fish and feeding it to its chick. It had a quick turnaround…Fishing to order .

These photos needs some imagination , there is a heron, a chick and a heron flying. This is another time I would love a bigger lens.

Sitting in the next tree was a little Egret looking out for fish.

Walking around to the next lake , closer to the shore than normal another pair of fish eaters, the elegant Great Crested Grebes.

These birds were killed almost to disappearance in the UK for their head plumes !

The sun was out and the birds were very active, and in the case of the Canada geese very noisy.

The very large lake had a super group sitting in prime fishing position, a Heron and an Egret.

These two were later joined by a passing swan, which the ignored!

All this fishing going on , around the lakes the birds were busy in the trees too, blue tits, great tits and long tailed tits flitting from tree to tree. Robins seemed to pop out of every area of scrub or undergrowth happily sitting and singing. A flash of red high up in the trees caught our eyes. A pair of Great Spotted woodpeckers . They were busy in the tree for ages, not fishing but eating in the sun .? A real treat to see.

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