Buds are bursting

It has been a few days of weather that encourages you to stay in. Today I braved a walk, which was damp and windy but not without some spring joy.

Buds are swelling and bursting open . The weeping willow trees have turned a green colour all over. There is a green upswell from the ground under the old brown growth of last year.

As I was walking round I was thinking that I hadn’t seen any snails recently and then almost immediately I spotted one up a tree!

The swans were busy as usual, the injured swan with the damaged wing has survived the winter and is happily swimming about.

Last years helicopter seeds from the field maples are sprouting in carpets under their parents.

Blossom is really starting to decorate trees , even on this rather grey walk.

As I was walking today I noticed:-

  • The wonderful sound of the swans wings as it flew low over the lake.
  • The slightly comical walk of a moorhen as it walked quickly and then swam off into the lake.
  • Diving cormorants
  • Herons busy on their nests.
  • Great tits eating amongst the blossom.
  • Elder and bramble leaves nearly out .
  • Coots eating around the edge off the lake.
  • Tufted duck in groups.
  • Blackbirds running and posing through the undergrowth.
  • Terns paddling
  • These Terns are on the first lake and have a floating nesting platform. I noticed that when they move across the water their feet are going very fast almost doggy paddle for birds !
  • The Lichens added colour to this rather dull day. There is a feeling of spring and green on the way as the buds and leaves are bursting forth.
  • A stroll through the church yard at Higham Ferrers was brightened up with some lovely primroses. Looking forward to plenty of primroses this weekend in the Forest of Dean.

  • One thought on “Buds are bursting

    1. Great walk today,makes you feel glad to be alive! Spring is definitely starting to put on a good show.Really great pictures,I love the pictures of the buds opening,and good to see the colourful snail..

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