Out and about with the daffodils.

Returning to Dymock yesterday to wander in the daffodils was windy but very pretty.

The daffodils are through fields, on the verges but for me they are their most beautiful are those carpeting the woods.

The soil in this area is a wonderful deep red as are the stone houses. It was a very colourful morning.

Interestingly the seeds produced by wild daffodils take five to seven years to develop into a plant that will again flower.

Other early spring flowers are beginning to make a show , on this short trip we found wood anemone, just starting to come out into flower. Dogs mercury, primroses and speedwell. This is a fantastic time of year as the woods and verges start to flower .

These daffodils are a wonderful start to the wildflower year .

One thought on “Out and about with the daffodils.

  1. Great post.Amazing to realise how many years it has taken for the woods to be so full, I never realised how long it took from seed to flower.Must explore these lanes more

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