Blossom Tunnel

This tunnel of blackthorn blossom was alive with birds and beautiful in the sun.

Blackthorn is commonly called Sloe , the hard bitter fruits which are often used to make sloe gin. Blackthorn (Prunus Spinoza) is a densely branched and spiny tree which can grow to 7M. They can live for 100 years.

Because they flower early , March-April the flowers provide a good supply of nectar and pollen for bees.It’s leaves provide food for a large number of moth caterpillars and they are also where the rare black Hairstreak butterfly lays its eggs.

The other flower that caught my eye was the milkmaid ,also called Lady’s Smock. It was growing in the wet meadows in groups.

Birds were busy , Great Crested Grebes were in pairs and showing off with weed trying to impress a mate.

Cormorants were drying their wings on posts and trunks in the lakes.

Great Tits were singing their hearts out.

Mallards were cruising.

And Herons were keeping watch for fish.

This was a great walk full of birds, their songs and blossom.

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