New lens outing to Sandy

The RSPB headquarters at Potton near Sandy in Bedfordshire is a great place to explore.

There is a visitors centre , car parking and picnic areas . It is a fantastic place for a day out.

I had a flying visit this week and took the new lens for my camera. I’m slowly learning how to use this bigger lens and have a monopod to steady it.

The flowers are what caught my eye on this quick visit. There are areas of birch saplings which have these lovely yellow brooms amongst them.

Other flowers which were attracting some large bumble bees were the Rhododendrons. These are not native and can become invasive if not managed. At Potton they are well managed.

The bumble bees were working their way around each flower and literally diving into the trumpets of each one.

The new lens is giving me a new ability to look at plants and animals in a different way . The leaves on this tree look beautiful when you spend a moment focussing just on them.

I’m looking forward to more adventures with this lens.

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