Gaps between rain

It has been a long period of rain with either thunderous bouncing off the ground, steady or drizzle type of precipitation ! We have certainly seen a range of rain for well over a week.

Yesterday there was a gap ( not for long) without any water falling.

I went for a quick walk to see the lake which was clear and full of fish , the surface was alive with whirligig beetles and the blue banded damselflies were everywhere.

What caught my eye was the amount of bees and insects in the planting areas in the centre of the shopping development. The bees were in large groups , almost bumping into each other on this plant.

This is a flower in the Laminacea family , bumble bees like this family of plants. They could be seen diving into each flower tunnel.

These leaves were also home to ladybirds and their larvae and pupa. There were a large number of ladybirds on these interesting mottled leaves

The other resident of this patch was a very attractive fast moving spider , it was sunbathing on the leaves but any movement would send It scurrying off .

These areas of planting are very attractive but also islands of brilliant habitat for invertebrates.

As I walked to the car …. it started to rain !

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