Car park Exploring

I arrived early today at a car park in the Cotswolds. Before heading in for coffee and a pasty I decided to explore the car park !

As you can see the view from the car park is rather nice, looking over back towards Moreton-in-Marsh. The field was full of flowers and grass. A few years ago this was a wheat field and there are still some wheat plants growing in it.

I started to collect grasses as there seemed to be lots of species and without looking too hard I collected 9 . Interestingly the far end of the car park had been mowed in strips and the difference was really clear. The purple tinged grasses created a colourful stripe.

These grasses are full of wildflowers , bees and other insects , the car park was full of wildlife !

I liked the view from the top of the grass looking through the flowers down to the stems.

The edge of the field was colourful with vetches, poppies and more.

Definitely a good car park to wait in , plenty to see and the sun was shining !

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