March of the molluscs

Although more of a slither than a march the molluscs were all on the move this morning.

It had been a dry night and these creatures were all on grit ( this is supposed to deter them in the garden !) They seemed completely at home on it and were moving quickly along.

This handsome black slug looks like a shiny piece of liquorice. As I got close to it with the phone it lifted its head and decided to change direction.

There were a large number of these black slugs on the gritty paths.

The next encounter was a snail , there were a few snail casualties along the way crushed under foot.

Another slug this time lighter and brown in colour.

Then even more snails, this time banded.

This treacherous path ‘marching’ seems strange when either sides of the path is full of lush vegetation ( super mollusc food)

This short walk was scattered with slugs and snails,another day I will count them and report a mollusc/ mile number !

As we left the lake the thistles were looking spectacular.

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