Indian Bean Tree beauty

I love these trees , I have posted about them before at Batsford Arboretum and in the parks in Northampton. They have so many attractive features , large soft light green leaves, beautiful flowers( these are what caught my eye today), long beans hanging down and an overall attractive shape.

The Indian Bean tree comes from North America ( in earlier blog posts I have talked about the traditional uses of the tree)

It has been planted in parks in Britain for all its attractive features. In Regent’s Park there is a large specimen which was in the original planting 180 years ago.

The two trees I stood under today are in the gardens next to the river Dart in Dartmouth. The planting here is global and it is a brilliant little park.

The flowers are huge, horse chestnut like. But more showy .

The ‘beans’ are not beans at all they are long seed pods that stay on the tree all winter. They eventually split and release grey silvery winged seeds.

I love discovering these trees in new places , these two at Dartmouth were brilliant.

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