Great Egret and Heron

We are learning how to film using a smart phone through a spotter scope. It is amazing watching birds from across a lake , they just go about their business . It’s wonderful.

The first film is a great Egret at Summer Leys near Wellingborough in a breeze.

I had watched this beautiful bird walk through the shallows and do a spot of fishing before it sat in this flowery bank to preen.

It wasn’t alone in this flowery area, there were plenty of geese .

There were also lots of lapwings ,these are a favourite of mine. Summer Leys reserve is interesting with a number of habitats to explore.

Today at Rushden Lakes not far from Summer Leys we filmed a heron . From the lake shore it was only just visible , through the spotter scope we could watch it’s leg stretching antics with ease.

With practice the spotter scope will open up new finds.

One thought on “Great Egret and Heron

  1. Great bits of film.You are going to have great fun with the new equipment,and I’m sure you will find lots of unusual creatures to spy on !!


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