Seed harvest

This is a great time of year to harvest seeds for next year.

A packet of seeds is expensive and often contains very few seeds. If you have grown plants this year collect the seeds and grow your own collected seeds.

A few simple steps to ensure success

  • Wait until the seed heads are ready and ripe.
  • Choose a day when it is really dry.
  • Tap the seeds into an envelope
  • Seal and label
  • Store in a dry cool Place until spring.

If you have a larger seed head you can put a paper bag over the whole flower head tie a rubber band around and then hang up in a dry place.

Cosmos seeds are really easy to collect and the flowers are great all summer attracting insects.

The seed heads at the top of the article are from Nicotiana sylvestris each little brown pot shaped seed pot contains hundreds of seeds .

I am waiting to harvest sweet peas seeds and purple french beans.

A quick walk around the garden shows lots of seed collecting targets.








I have already collected marigolds and others so hopefully there will be plenty of colour next year with no expense !

4 thoughts on “Seed harvest

  1. My Goodness, Rachel, you have been very busy! We are in Thornham but have just had to abandon the garden as the weather is restoring the water table a quite a rate!!
    Sorry to say I am removing an old tree (should leave it to rot, I know), but the new plants will restore a bit of variety, so please excuse the vandalism. George

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