Geese under the moon

The moon was a slither tonight. It was almost dark at 7.15pm when we decided to have a walk around the lake.

It has been a wonderful day of blue skies but there is definitely a cool nip in the air and that was true tonight. The sky was rather lovely over the lakes.

Although it seemed to be a calm time almost time for sleep there was an awful lot of noise and activity from birds.

The Canada geese were gathering in large numbers and it seemed they were discussing which direction to fly off for the night. They seemed to fly off in groups heading in different directions over a 15 minute period.

If you look carefully in the photo there are large groups of geese. The video below is of them making noise and then leaving.

In the background of the video above the trees there are a second group of noisy birds, a great flock of rooks getting ready to roost.

Much quieter were the Moorhen family, mum and two chicks also moving towards nest for the night. I love the way moorhens move.

As we finished the loop around the lake blackbirds were flitting through trees and robins were hopping along the posts and ground. There was a lot of activity.

The sky was wonderful, hoping for a fine day tomorrow to do some exploring !

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