London Adventure

We boarded the 08.22 to London this morning for a London adventure . The weather was warm and the sky blue as we sped into St Pancras.

Walking through the park in Russel Square it was full of primary school groups having fun, people enjoying the sun and fantastic London Plane trees.

These wonderful trees account for over half of London’s tree population.

It was ‘discovered’ in the mid 17th century in John Tradecsant’s nursery in Vauxhall.

It is a hybrid of the American sycamore and the Oriental Plane.

The trees were planted in large numbers during the industrial revolution when pollution levels were high, these trees with their peeling bark layers are hardy to difficult conditions.They also require little root space.

Some of the oldest planes in London can be found in Berkley Square, there are about 30 trees planted in1789.

They are very attractive trees. Today in the park some of the leaves have already fallen, the gardeners were sweeping and leaf blowing them up. This will be an ongoing task !

Walking further by the front of the British Museum there are some fantastic specimens along the road. They are amazingly tall as you can see in the photos against the tall London houses.

Walking further along museum road we discovered a shop full of some of my favourite things.

The window display was brilliant.

They even had the elusive mammoth tooth Rowan and I went searching for in August !

It’s just not the same to buy one it’s back to Norfolk for us to discover one of our own.

A great day out !

One thought on “London Adventure

  1. Here I am again, realising that, however many times I have been to London and walked through these streets and squares, I never thought to think about these lovely, historic trees.
    Thanks, Rachel, for literally the ‘heads up’. I will walk more curiously next time.

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