Best foot forward

Walking boots on for an autumn walk at the beautiful Hidcote Manor in the Cotswolds.

It is so quiet here just birds to listen to it is a little piece of paradise.

The gardens here are full of surprises , they are rooms of yew hedges leading from one area to another.

Although the borders are less dramatic than summer they were full of wonderful colours and textures.

This is a fantastic place to discover, there are paths, bridges,stepping stones and a wilderness.

The view from the wilderness across the Cotswolds rolling landscape is wonderful.

There were surprising large amounts of flowers still giving plenty of colour.

Autumn can be seen by the colours changing and the toadstools arriving. The leaves are only really just beginning to turn in about two weeks it will be amazing.

Another find at this time that I love is leaf skeletons that are appearing on the soil.

At the other side of this amazing garden is an area of vegetables, orchards and glasshouses. The glasshouse is full of some tropical wonders.

The apple trees were incredible but not picked and so many apples lying on the ground.

I loved these pots all piled up ready for next years growing.

An unusual yellow holly caught my eye , it would look lovely With the Christmas flowers.

Hidcote is a wonderful place to explore. It is managed by the national trust, there is a car park, a cafe and parking and definitely worth some time exploring !

One thought on “Best foot forward

  1. Great walk,still an amazing amount of flowers in bloom.The trees and shrubs were so varied and interesting,thoroughly enjoyed this one,thanks.


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