Blow away the cobwebs

It certainly has been a day to blow away the cobwebs and anything else that was standing in the way .

The weather is not the best today with wind and periods of rain. A walk full of autumn colours at Rushden Lakes definitely gives you a spring In your step .

As the leaves fall with this autumnal weather the paths are lined with colour and draw you on.

Even puddles look interesting.

Some areas of scrub and woodland are becoming wet and full of pools, providing different habitats as the year moves on.

This area of scrubby trees is often full of goldfinches and long tailed tits.

There were plenty of squirrels on the walk today, they seem busy finding food and preparing for winter.The fallen leaves frame everything in a halo of colour.

The river Nene is very high after all the rain and flowing quickly. The only birds we saw today were a few swans, a pair of great created grebes and some coots.

Moss thrives in these damp conditions , this tree stump seemed to be sporting an emerald green moss sock.

A quick walk to blow the cobwebs away was full of colour and interest. Two loops of the lake just two miles but so much to see and enjoy. Afterwards feeling refreshed and ready for the day !

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