2019 in Photos

As Christmas draws to a close and we start to focus on the start of 2020 I thought it would be fun to post one photo from exploring in 2019 one for each month. A calendar of discovery !

January – chilly skies at Pitsford reservoir

February – waders at Holkham beach

March– Daffodils in the Forest of DeanApril– coming in to land at Harlestone Firs.

MayExploring bluebells at Everton Stubbs

June Insects galore , thistle tables

July Beautiful Devon Coast

August wonderful West Runton in Norfolk

September Cambridge Botanic gardens

October Fungi at Batsford

November first Ice

December moss covered trees

Looking forward to exploring more in 2020!

3 thoughts on “2019 in Photos

  1. Looking forward to following you and your explorations next year, always interesting and informative, I learn something new with each new post.!


  2. Dear Rachel, What a tour!

    Pitsford in Jan, then Holkham in Feb,
    (Lazy explorers were still in their bed),
    Forest of Dean, March, then, April, Harlestone Firs
    (That Rook will land, without flying nerves)
    May, Everton Stubbs, I smell bluebells from here
    June’s ‘buzz’ in the thistles, shows they love to be there
    The Devon coast, in July, with a long shingle ridge
    West Runton in August and then to Cambridge_
    In September; so Batsford, in October, with buff fungi
    And clear ice in November, (leaf no longer free)
    And still in December, mosses’ abundant green
    Always, for Explorers, there is much to be seen.

    George Potter

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