Harry Potter Discovery

On New Years Day we had a walk at Blenheim Palace at Woodstock. The Parkland surrounding the amazing palace was designed by Capability BrownThere are some amazing views and trees as well as bridges and columns.

It was the trees that stood out on this dull day especially the base of the trunks. The roots and the moss were really interesting.

Along a ridge above a huge lake tall Beech trees tower over you. Their root systems are impressive.

Closer to the lake there is an area of Lebanon Cedar trees one of them is very distinctive and is known as the Harry Potter tree.

This tree appeared in the 2007 film the order of the Phoenix . It is in a scene where Professor Snape has a flashback about being bullied.

The tree was planted in the 1760s when capability Brown was creating the landscape. The large hole in the tree would have caused the tree to collapse. To save the tree a plan using straps and supports costing £5000 has saved the tree. It took tree surgeons two days to complete the work.

The tree is 55ft tall and 20 ft in diameter and attracts Harry Potter fans in huge numbers.

An unexpected movie star on a winter walk !

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