Issue 2 of Explorations moving forward

Issue 2 of Explorations magazine has been out for a few weeks and people are really enjoying the range of articles, photos and information. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the issue.

This Issue is full of new features and some amazing articles from all over Britain and even Iceland.

I am trying to bring the magazine to school libraries and develop a love of the natural world with young people. A school Subscription is three issues plus newsletters three times a year. Information can be found in the schools and groups tab. Email- I am looking for schools to become ‘explorer schools ‘ and deliver natural history focussed projects at them.

Please think about becoming part of the naturetableexplorer (NTX) project . If you would like to send ideas or photos, notes or an article for issue 3 email in . If you would like to subscribe to the magazine Explorations use PayPal with the same email .

I am also looking for outlets for the magazines , if you have any ideas let me know !

I have set up a Facebook group page called nature table explorers and would like people to share their photos on this page and build a virtual nature table of discoveries.

Explore more !

2 thoughts on “Issue 2 of Explorations moving forward

  1. Great pictures and commentary, as usual, Rachel.
    Just a thought for an outlet. As you do not ‘major’ about birds, I think a few copies would be appreciated by visitors to the RSPB reserve at Holme-next the Sea. If you would like me to get the proper address, I will, alternatively I could take a sample in there, next time we go. There must be many Nature lovers, visiting, who are not solely birders.
    Actually we will have to go up for a day soon, so maybe you could come too.


    1. Good ideas George, I have copies you can have to take with u out and about . I’m looking at perhaps having a stand at a countryside show or county show . I am looking into the south of England show. I think you are definitely right about visitor centres . I’m going to have a Thursday evening meet up at magazine heaven as a magazine group in Feb if you and Jenny fancy coming xx

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