Wisley Common Walk

Yesterday we had a morning walk at Wisley common very close to the RHS gardens at Wisley. It was an amazing blue sky day and really warm. This heathland area is full of heather, bracken , silver birch and some amazing Oak trees. Some of the trees are incredibly tall. The walkers in the group give an idea of scale.

It has been such a dry May areas that are usually damp or wet have dried up however there was a large pond with some beautiful yellow flags.

There were literally hundreds of these lovely flowers around the pond and plenty of banded damoiselle damselflies.

The bracken is a beautiful lime green and tender and on a day like this looks amazing in the dappled sunlight.

The stars of the walk for me were the oak trees .

There were plenty of rushes and grasses in areas that are usually a lot damper and there were areas where heather has burnt. Running over these surfaces were plenty of spiders.

This is a great place to explore and we will definitely be back to explore more!

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